6 Tips For Buying Print

6 Tips For Buying Print

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Marketers and procurement staff may know a thing or two about buying print, but in smaller companies the job often lands on someone else’s desk without warning. So here’s a quick easy guide with 6 tips for buying print;

1. Plan

Often print orders are last minute and rushed which can impact the finish you want, the price you pay and what you have to settle for. Planning can take a lot of hassle out of buying print. It gives you time to look at samples, get quotes and play with design.

Decide what you need and make a plan to achieve it. With time on your side you can get the best results with the least panic.

2. Avoid DIY design

People put so much effort into other aspects of their business such as product development and service but often fall short when it comes to their marketing by taking a DIY approach to graphic design. Besides the damage this inexperience does to the brand and the costs associated with time spent by an untrained person, files formatted incorrectly will result in poor output.

An experienced designer who can enhance and even add equity to your brand is worth the investment. Upon receipt of a good brief they can produce exactly what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time it takes you do to it yourself. They can also provide print ready files that your printer will thank you for.

3. Ask for Samples

Take the guess work out of buying print and ask for samples. Any printer worth doing business with will happily show you samples of their work so you can check out the quality of their products and also get ideas from other jobs they’ve done. In fact, a good print supplier will ask about your project and try to show you samples that meet that need.

4. Determine your budget

Before you go to your printer with a wish list for gold foil and embossing, determine your budget. The last thing anyone wants is disappointment but your printer can suggest more affordable options. Often you can achieve a look for less and if your budget is tight, your printer can work to it.

5. Proof Everything

Read it, read it again and again before you design it! Do it yourself and get someone else to do it too. Design time is precious and costly when tooing and froing with changes so try to get content right before design. Then proof it a couple of times before sending it to print. The more eyes on it the better.

6. Ask For More

These days most printers offer more than just print and become more than just suppliers to their customers. They build relationships and long-term friendships. They pre-empt your needs and branch out to meet them. Many now have creative designers, brand developers and some even have web designers. They offer multiple marketing solutions. So don’t be afraid to reach out for some advice and guidance.

If you’d like advice, a quote or more information on any of the above, please get in touch.

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